What Parents Should Know About Shopping for Children’s Shoes

Shopping for children’s shoes can be a trying experience. Unlike many adults, kids don’t really enjoy shopping for footwear. But at the rate they outgrow shoes, trying them on is a must. Use the tips that follow to help you be certain that your children’s shoes fit properly. With any luck, your next trip to the mall for kids’ shoes won’t be a pain.

When to Buy New Shoes for Your Child

Unless your child complains that they are uncomfortable, you may not know when it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

It’s a good idea to periodically check your children’s shoes to make sure what they’re wearing is still working for them.

Look for particularly worn areas or stressed seams. If the sides are bulging or wearing out more quickly than the rest of the shoe, then they may not be wide enough. Toes that bend upwards are also a sign of shoes that don’t fit properly, and worn out toes or heels indicate it’s time for a new pair of shoes as well.

Choosing Shoes for Children

Children’s shoes should have laces, velcro or some other fastening system. As a general rule, avoid backless or slip-on shoes for kids.

Look for shoes made from breathable materials, such as canvas or leather. In addition to being more durable, they will help to keep the child’s foot cooler and dryer, helping to prevent blisters, discomfort, and smelly shoes.

While they may look cute, always avoid heels on children’s shoes. Not only is it difficult for kids to walk in heels, they are particularly bad for proper foot development. When it comes to children’s shoes, stick with flats and even soles.

Look for a pattern or textured sole, as this will provide traction and help prevent your child from easily slipping on slick surfaces. Soles should be sturdy and thick enough to protect the feet from pain and injury, but the sole also needs to be flexible so that it will bend with the foot.

Once you’ve found shoes that fit and are appropriately designed for a child’s feet, allow your children some input as to which shoes they prefer.

It’s bound to make for a better shopping experience if they get to choose a color or design they like from shoes that fit well and are appropriate for growing feet.

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